15 Great Reasons To Join As A Member


  1. It’s fun.
  2. It’s for our kids and grandkids.
  3. It’s meaningful.
  4. It makes a difference.
  5. It makes us proud.
  6. You can help grow Rotary membership by supporting attracting a younger demographic
  7. You can support creating a substantial non-political environmental movement by leveraging Rotary’s trusted brand
  8. You are truly ‘Supporting the Environment’ to create a better world for future generations
  9. You can make new ‘like-minded’ friends from around the world
  10. You can use your skills and passions to truly do good at a time when the world needs it
  11. You are seen by family and friends as a person who cares about our Natural World
  12. Your early stage support helps fund the development of our digital platform and systems, including this website so we can better support Districts, Clubs and Projects
  13. You gain access to our ‘Education, Solutions and Collaborative Relationship’ systems we are developing
  14. You help support us develop the systems so your own District/Club can be eligible for more Foundation Grants
  15. It’s only US$30 – less than the price of a coffee a month – or $2 a reason!