The COP26 Rotary Action

I Dig Trees

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Will your Club order and plant free trees??


Are you looking for free trees?
They will provide packs of trees as follows…
Large Plot Pack
10 x Common Oak, 10 x Silver Birch, 10 x Beech (common/green), 10 x
Hornbeam and 10 x Alder
Small Plot Pack
10 x Rowan, 10 x Bird Cherry, 10 x Downy Birch, 10 x Field Maple and 10
x Goat Willow
Native Woodland Pack
16 x English Oak, 10 x Silver Birch, 9 x Aspen, 5 x Green Beech, 3 x
Common Alder, 3 x Hornbeam, 2 x Rowan and 2 x Goat Willow
Each pack contains 50 trees. You can reque

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