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At ESRAG GBI we are setting up systems and information to make it easier for people like you to create meaningful contributions to Environmental Sustainability in a way that suits you.

Apart from building a large network of changemakers our strategy has three core pillars:

Education and Awareness

We make it easier for you to learn about the opportunities to create meaningful environmental sustainability change.

Over the coming months we will be building out this “information” sectiomn of the site so it’s easier for you to learn about the challenges and about ways to help take action and make a difference

Solutions and Projects

As ‘People of Action’, with an extensive network of local clubs, Rotarians are uniquely placed to make a real difference by implementing solutions.

Our information section will include resources, procedures and tools to make it easier to create meaningful change whether it be tohelp protect our pollinators and other species under threat, organise tree planting activities to regenerate our soils or tackle climate change solutions.

Collaborative Relationships

In our role as helping to inspire, support, enable and empower you and other changemakers, we will be working to try facilitate win-win relationships that amplify outcomes.

In the information section we will work to develop Action guides, Procedures, and resources that make it easier to  create successful partnerships between project leaders and stakeholders within and outside the Rotary family