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Join the Solar Safe Water Challenge

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Will you and or your Club support the Solvatten Project?
Also, have look at this link …


Solar Safe Water <>
Solvatten <>

A Swedish ESRAG and WASH-RAG project promoted by Ingrid Hesser, co-chair of the Europe Chapter of ESRAG.

How many families can Rotary give access to hot and safe water? By working together with Solvatten in the project Kenya, Tharaka? 1,000? 5,000? Or even 10,000 families? Just imagine, 35,000 Rotary Clubs donating one unit ($145/£110), that  means that 35,000 families get access to safe water!

See the impact of one (1) unit means in the table.

How can my club and/or I join this challenge?

This challenge offers an easy and convenient way for Rotarians to create lasting climate and environmental change, but also impacting equity, health and wealth. Here are some inspiration on how to join the challenge:

Make a presentation for your club. You can use this 5 minutes presentation, and speakers text. Or, show the video from the webinar (or parts of it) and/or the presentation.

You and your club can join in two ways:

As a One Time Donation. Make an internal fundraising in your club. As a project or longer commitment to donate by collecting money in various activities. Make a plan for how to bring in money. If your club isn’t interested, maybe you would like to make a donation?

Just check out the web site …

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