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Mr and Mrs Idontcare

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If the cap fits – wear it and if it does fit can you do something about it?


Why do Mr and Mrs Idontcare need all this – and you don’t?
Some lines to think about…

Mr and Mrs Idontcare have already flown thirteen times around our blue planet this year1.

Mr and Mrs Idontcare say they “go for a walk” when they get into their 4×42.
Carbon footprint when driving from London Heathrow to Glasgow in an SUV, Diesel fueled: 340 kg CO2 – that’s enough for lightening the Eiffel Tower for 5 days; in comparison to a small car: 147 kg CO2 – that’s enough for lightening the Eiffel Tower for 2 days. The transport sector accounts for 16.2% of global greenhouse gas
emissions, with road transport accounting for 11.9%. (Source:

Mr and Mrs Idontcare eat a juicy steak3 every day – for lunch and dinner.
The livestock & manure sector accounts for 5.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Cows emit methane when they ruminate. Methane has a greenhouse effect 25 times greater than CO2. Furthermore, for each 100 g beef produced, 5 m2 of rainforest are destroyed. As rainforest is a huge carbon sink, deforestation leads to carbon

Mr and Mrs Idontcare are sweating behind their uninsulated windows4 in their home, thinking about their comfy, heedless adventures of huge carbon footprints. They take a deep breath and sigh. – The air they exhale does not contribute to climate change.
Energy use in residential buildings, among others, heating accounts for 10.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Why do Mr and Mrs Idontcare need all these things in their life – and you don’t?
In the year 2100, your grandchild will be as old as they are today. And little Johnny Carey would also like to live a carefree, crisis-free life. You and your family should enjoy life – today and tomorrow! You should enjoy an unforgettable time on beautiful coasts (more than 9000 miles in Rotary Great Britain & Ireland) and forests, a bike tour after a meatless day and a sustainable, warm welcome to this world. With everything you do, every day, ask yourself: honestly, what do you need as an individual, as your Rotary Club, in order to be able to enjoy life with a clear conscience? – Do not be afraid of alternatives, because it is much nicer to actively
change in a positive, life-affirming manner than to be forced to change by climate change!

Kirsten Weber

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