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My carbon emissions

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What a great gift for Christmas: Gift impact to family members and friends with trees and donations to carbon capture projects.


How can I feel better about my carbon emissions?

Most Rotarians will agree that conserving nature and improving our local
environment matters to us.

When it comes to our own carbon footprint we should all produce less CO2
until we reach our doable limit and then offset the balance.

The average UK citizen has a personal carbon footprint of just under 10T
of CO2 p.a.

We have teamed up with Ecologi and established the District 1070 Ecologi
Rotary ‘Forest’.

Through this partnership we have provided a platform that allows
Rotarians and their clubs to 100% offset their own carbon footprint and
have it clearly and simply recorded as such, with the option to list your
family name if you wish to show your support for the environment in order
to act as a role model for others and Gift Impact to others.

Why this path?

We have considered 4 things in the choice of this path –

Ease – there are only 3 steps (clicks of a mouse) to be able to achieve it
Attractiveness – clear, accountable, evidenced carbon offset that works,
at a price that is affordable at £37 for 10T of CO2 offset for a whole year.

Social – Rotary is a social enterprise at heart and being able to be a to
show personal leadership to others and create a community forest for the
good of all is a win-win situation.

Timely – Ecologi offers options from just planting trees to actively
offsetting your live carbon footprint now at the time when you produce it,
in addition to planting trees to soak up future emissions.

One final benefit of this action is that when someone asks “what are you
doing to reduce your carbon footprint?” you can guide them to this,
evidence that you are acting responsibly, and support them to do the same.

How does this work in practice?

Each club creates its own ‘Forest’ and each club ‘Forest’ comprises
contributions by members or the club itself. For example, here is the direct
link to the Rotary Club of Kimbolton Castle forest with details of
contributions. Each clubs’ contributions feed into the District ‘Forest’ whilst retaining their own
club identity and individual contributions.
If you would like to set up a Forest for your club or District contact, Dennis

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