Featured Projects

Action against Climate Change

Twenty years ago there was a lively global debate about whether or not the planet’s climate was changing and the impact of human activity on those atmospheric changes.

Heart 4 Trees

Welcome to ESRAG’s ‘Heart4Trees’ programme. This is not a single project, but rather a cluster of many projects with the unifying theme of trees. 

Waste and Pollution

One of the most common environmental actions taken by rotarians is to reduce waste & pollution within our environment.

Connecting with Nature

Although trees are a major part of many ecosystems, there are other aspects of Nature to be considered. 


A garden is one small part of the global environmental system where rotarians often have sole control and benefit.

SGG Rotary Tree Project

Sustainable Global Gardens [SGG] has been promoting tree-planting in East Africa for several years.

Eco Stoves

Wood and charcoal are often the only source of heat for cooking in rural Africa.

Soil Improvement

A quick examination of this ESRAG GBI Chapter website will establish that within RGBI there are scores of environmental projects with…

Seedballs in Kenya

Seedballs present a simple but potentially very effective method of tree-planting and rewilding. 

Kipsaina WASH+

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene plus Environmental Impact Description Providing schools across Western Kenya with self-sufficiency in water

Mangrove Restoration

Mangrove restoration is one of the most effective ways of rapid climate change mitigation.