Heart 4 Trees



 As an individual

Plant trees in your garden, get involved in community projects nearby or support larger projects elsewhere.
One of the easiest things to do is to use the Ecosia search engine when browsing the internet.  Every search generates funds for tree planting projects around the world.  It’s a no brainer it costs you nothing Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees

With a small-scale club led project 

Many clubs have carried out local tree and other planting projects working with local community groups, local authorities schools and businesses.  Projects can include small scale woodland, community gardens or orchards, sensory gardens, landscaping or streetscaping.

With other clubs or at district level

By co-operating with other local clubs or at District level it may be possible to deliver a large scale project or a series of smaller ones which will deliver more benefits than an isolated project.   A District may wish to set a target for clubs in the area.

Support existing tree planting projects either in the UK or internationally

There are several projects which are either Rotary led or involve Rotarians which deliver tree planting in developing countries to achieve a mix of environmental, economic and community objectives.

Encourage schools and youth groups to engage in tree planting

Engaging young people serves an educational purpose in explaining the importance of trees to the environment and enhances the visibility of Rotary in the community.