Heart 4 Trees


DO work with the local community to ensure that the trees are wanted and will be looked after

DO consult with the local council, Parish Council and any other statutory body which may have an interest

DO take expert advice to ensure that the trees and any other planting are appropriate in terms of climate, soil type, any existing planting in the vicinity, maintenance requirements.

DO consider the size of the trees when fully grown and take account of the relationship of the trees to any nearby buildings and the potential effect on any underground utility services nearby,

DO ensure that there are no other constraints such as potential archaeological remains or any specific environmental significance

DO consider the size of the trees when they are mature and

DO ensure that you have appropriate well maintained equipment for planting and tree protection.

DO make sure that there is a deliverable plan to maintain the planting at least until it is well established and for as long as necessary.

DO monitor the condition of the trees regularly during the first year and take appropriate action.

DO carry out a risk assessment before carrying out the project, ensure that appropriate public liability insurance is in place and ensure that where necessary DBS requirements are met when working with young people

DON’T consider that the project is complete when the trees have been planted