Heart 4 Trees


Sources of trees

The Woodland Trust – provides free trees for planting projects in the form of small bare rooted whips which need to be planted in the winter months. There are different packs of trees for different types pf planting along and their website also has detailed advice Free Trees for Schools and Communities – Woodland Trust

Local Authorities – many local authorities have tree nurseries and work with community groups on tree planting projects. They may also be able to advise on the location and type of planting and any approvals necessary.

The Tree Council – Offers grants and support to schools to plant trees. It also invites donations towards tree planting.

The Tree Council | Working together for the love of trees


The Rotary Foundation – grants may be available from the Rotary Foundation towards tree planting where it is clear that the project contributes to a long-term strategy rather than a small stand alone project.


There are several speakers who are available to give talks to Rotary Clubs relating to tree planting:

Paul Keeley – Director of Sustainable Global Gardens is available to speak about SGG and the value of tree planting in a tropical environment. paul_keeley@hotmail.com

Maya Smeulders – can speak on eco-friendly ovens. While not a tree planting project this reduces the requirement for wood fuel by 75% which will reduce deforestation and at the same time have health benefits by reducing exposure to smoke from open fires.

Smartphone App.

See www.treekly.org