Inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of our own Terry Conner Becton & District Rotary Club has a new and exciting project to provide a Sensory Garden Trail at Ashley Junior School. Mr Ian Rix, Head Teacher of Ashley Junior School visited the Club to hear of Terry’s vision for the completed trail and how it will benefit both the children and the wider community is now an enthusiastic supporter of the project. Terry’s vision is of a garden trail that will contain such fascinating features as Wild Flower Meadows, Plants to encourage Butterflies and Bees, a Zen Water Garden, Wild Life Habitat, Outdoor Musical Instruments and Talk Tubes; features that will engage and enthuse children of all ages in  outdoor learning promoting a range of physiological, social and academic benefits.

Pictured below is the current vision of the project layout-
Ashley Junior Sensory Trail.

To commence the project both the school and Becton Rotary Club have each donated £1000 giving £2000 in total. The final cost of the project could easily be double this amount . We believe that the Sensory Trail could develop into a  community project where local businesses , organisations, parents etc. are all invited to participate in both sponsorship, donations and planting .

The work on the Sensory Garden Trail has continued apace with many aspects of it either at or close to completion. The major items outstanding are the ’Harlequin Path’ and the installation of two stand alone percussion instruments. In the image below the then partially completed Zen Water Garden is on the left with  image centre the wildlife area complete with bird box , insect homes and hedgehog refuges. Prepared beds of specifically chosen planting are virtually complete. The areas of the images appearing as unused are areas currently being seeded  with wild flowers. Note also the use of empty plastic bottles creating environmentally friendly fencing. The gentle sound of wind chimes will add to the air of tranquillity and well-being.

In the lower image the container will shortly be decorated with a mural created by the school and the route of the Harlequin Path can be seen. The children are also busy decorating pebbles to be placed within the garden. As they come to fruition visitors to the garden will be treated to a visual, aural and aromatic experience. Exciting times lay ahead. Ian Rix, Head of Ashley Junior School said “ We are thrilled with the sensory garden – it’s going to be fantastic! “
The final images show the now completed Water Garden and examples of the partially completed Harlequin Path.

Anyone one wishing to know how to be involved in this project please contact Rotarian Terry Conner at tsueconner@btinternet .com. Through this project the children will develop a sense of self and independence.
Larry Anthony – Secretary, RC of Becton & District.