Take Action

 As a Club

Establish an Environmental Team

Depending on the resources and capacity of the club this may be a new team or a new responsibility for an existing team.  It will be helpful to designate one member as the lead for environmental issues.


Prepare a Club Environmental Strategy

The scope for action to support the environment is immense.  Clarifying what you aim to do and how you aim to do it can help make your actions more coherent and effective.

Examples of club stategies:



Kimbolton Castle have simply identified 6 actions that their members can take to have the greatest impact on climate change


Support District, National or International Initiatives

There are already many projects and initiatives at all these levels and there will be many more as action on the new area of focus gathers momentum.  This is an easy way to get started and get to understand some of the issues and opportunities better.  Our featured projects  provide some examples.

Develop Projects or Initiatives at club Level.

Club Initiatives may be small and one off or more ambitious and strategic extending over several years.  They may involve partnerships with schools, other young people’s groups, local community or environmental groups, or overseas organisations.  Ideas relating to different themes can be found below.

It is also a good idea to test whether all the activities of the club are consistent with the aom of “Protecting the Environment”.  Some clubs have added a fifth test to the 4-way test.  “Will it be BENEFICIAL to PLANET EARTH for the current and all future generations?”


Entering an awards scheme can help to add focus and energy to the clubs activities making them more effective.

The Rodney Huggins Environmental Award

This award is open to all clubs in Rotary Great Britain and Ireland and is designed to encourage clubs to take action on the environment.  Details for 2021-22.



District Awards

District 1080 has run an environmental awards scheme for clubs for several years.  This is to be relaunched with revised criteria to cover districts  

1080,1090,1240 and 1260.  (Link to be added when details available).