Take Action – as a District

Establish an Environmental Team

Assemble a team with a strong interest in protecting the environment and a range of experience.

Provide support, guidance and leadership to clubs in the district

  • establishing links with environment officers and teams in clubs
  • encouraging clubs to become active in supporting the environment
  • providing speakers to clubs to demonstrate what can be achieved
  • organise events or webinars to share knowledge and experience
  • Promote the Young Environmentalist award
  • Consider running a district environmental award or combining with other Districts to do so


Establish a grant scheme for environmental projects

There are already many projects and initiatives at all these levels and there will be many more as action on the new area of focus gathers momentum.  This is an easy way to get started and get to understand some of the issues and opportunities better.  The links below provide some examples.

Develop District-wide projects

By developing projects in which clubs across the District can participate there is potential to achieve much more and by raising the profile of both Rotary and the importance of the environment stimulate more action by other clubs and societies