Take Action

 As an Individual

The Excuses

“My action will make no difference.”

The cumulative actions of individuals can have a big impact – positive or negative, just look at Covid in such things as panic buying.

The UK is such a small player it is insignificant.  It’s up to places like China and India to make the difference.

The UK is still one of the largest CO2 emitters per capita and historically has been a major contributor


Although residential activities make up only 15% of emissions the decisions made by individuals on their lifestyle will have an impact on all other sectors – particularly transport and business


Joining ESRAG GBI will provide you with access to a worldwide network of Rotarians who are active in the preservation of the environment.  There are monthly meetings where experience on projects is shared and you have access to webinars and workshops on specific topics around the world.  You can also take an active part in developing the work of ESRAG. All for an annual subscription of $25.

Reduce your own environmental impact

There are hundreds of things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment – they all add up

Become a volunteer

Wherever you live there will be voluntary groups working to improve the local environment.  This may take the form of restoring local habitats or ecosystems, managing open spaces, cleaning rivers and ditches, training volunteers or fundraising for environmental causes.

Contact the Trust for Conservation Volunteers Get Involved With TCV | Connecting People and Green Spaces or your local wildlife trust.

Consider green investing

Possibly the biggest single thing you can do is to invest your savings or pension in companies and funds that are making a positive contribution to the environment.

Increasingly companies are assessed by investment funds in terms of their environmental, social and governmental impact (ESG).

While there can be no guarantees with any investment in many cases returns on environment friendly investment may equal or exceed those that do not take environmental factors into account.

More detail in this excellent Green Investment webinar in the Speak up for the Planet series