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Will you take the Treekly Challenge to walk 5000 steps five days out of seven?
Could this be an inter club and inter district challenge?


Treekly offers an easier way to help fight climate change.

There is no single easy solution to climate change but planting millions of trees is a key part of it.

The Treekly Challenge is to maintain a daily walking habit of 5,000 steps. Hit the target 5 days in a week, and in return one mangrove tree is planted
on your behalf in Madagascar.

Trees every week, to help reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainable brands sponsor the app one week at a time, and fund the trees
you earn by completing the Treekly Challenge.

The tree planting is managed by Eden Reforestation Projects who have to
date planted over 650 million trees.

Your daily walks help them create livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty, educating and empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale.
Our carefully selected tree planting partner has successfully planted over 650 million new trees since 2005.

That’s about one tree every second! They also manage the Treekly Forest site in Madagascar where mangrove trees are planted on your behalf.They are committed to using good reforestation practices in order to revitalise areas that have been destroyed by deforestation.

By offering the dignity of fair employment to people living in impoverished communities, they become transformational agents of global forest restoration.

Why did we choose Madagascar?

The island off the east coast of Africa is home to more than 200,000 unique
plant and animal species. This means they do not exist anywhere else on
the planet!

As a result of intense deforestation, only 10% of the island’s original
forests are left. Because of this, we have seen biodiversity loss and the
destruction of local communities.

Why Mangroves?

Native to the island of Madagascar, mangroves absorb two-to-four times
more carbon than

Protection of our remaining trees and extensive reforestation is crucial in restoring natural habitats and ecosystems. Reforestation also helps rebalance the Earth’s atmosphere.

Forests are widely recognised as the world’s largest natural terrestrial carbon sinks. They capture and store carbon dioxide, slowing down the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

There are currently approximately 3 trillion trees on the planet. But that’s just half the number that was on the planet before humans started cutting them down.

Around 15 billion trees are lost each year due to deforestation.

Deforestation is removing trees which are vital in absorbing a large proportion of our CO2 emissions. It also creates a dangerous ‘feedback loop’ in which the trees being cut down release stored CO2 back into the atmosphere.

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